The Times, They are a’…Oh you know the rest.

Or in which we discuss the curious goings on of late.


{this is my ukelele. we’ve been spending a lot of time together lately making beautiful, out of tune music. i feel like it’s become an extension of me, what my music was always supposed to sound like. sometimes it just takes doing something familiar in a different way to realize that some thing never get lots in translation.}

There are very interesting things happening in the life and times of this lady my friends. While I can’t share just yet, I’m feeling incredibly creative and inspired to take life by the horns and go forth into the wild. Here are some of words and people cheering us all on as we blaze new trails and embrace our curious natures.

1. Jeremy & Kathleen on the attraction of opposites and wanting it all

2. Shini over at Park & Cube on growing up and coming of age

3. Emmadime on being brave and making a big change

4. Jess Lively on evolving your career and doing it Barefoot Contessa-style


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