How Megan Got Her Groove Back

Or in which we discuss the importance of being yourself.

It’s been a big 6 months folks: full of big learning and big work and big dreams. Big, big, big. I found out that you never really stop the big learning and that the big work is never really done because you always find more that needs doing and that your big dreams will only get bigger if you’re brave enough to let them. And through all the big I suppose I discovered the little too. I found out that the little set backs teach you big lessons and that little tasks are you how you accomplish big goals, and that little voices can silence big dreams if you don’t say tell them what’s what.

Hmm. This is harder than I thought. How can one explain how one gets one’s groove back?

I sum it up in haiku form:

She sees the big world.

She sees her small piece of it.

She is ready now.

Get it? I thought so.


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