Merry Happy

A very merry, happy holiday to you my friends. This evening I leave for a week of Christmas shenanigans with my beautiful family. Like many others, in light of recent events I plan to hug my nieces and nephews (who’re almost elementary school age) a little tighter.

Wishing you all love, peace, and light. See you in the new year!


The Times, They are a’…Oh you know the rest.

Or in which we discuss the curious goings on of late.


{this is my ukelele. we’ve been spending a lot of time together lately making beautiful, out of tune music. i feel like it’s become an extension of me, what my music was always supposed to sound like. sometimes it just takes doing something familiar in a different way to realize that some thing never get lots in translation.}

There are very interesting things happening in the life and times of this lady my friends. While I can’t share just yet, I’m feeling incredibly creative and inspired to take life by the horns and go forth into the wild. Here are some of words and people cheering us all on as we blaze new trails and embrace our curious natures.

1. Jeremy & Kathleen on the attraction of opposites and wanting it all

2. Shini over at Park & Cube on growing up and coming of age

3. Emmadime on being brave and making a big change

4. Jess Lively on evolving your career and doing it Barefoot Contessa-style

Operation: Dream Job

Or in which we discuss how much time you have to think after wisdom teeth surgery.


I took the photo above while on a trip to Chicago this summer (that’s my red-panted reflection in the window). I didn’t realize then that (A) this question would still be rolling around in my brain 6 months later and (B) that the person who would set me on the path to answering it was in that very city (though I would be hundreds of miles away when I made that realization as well).

The past few days I’ve been sitting in my bed with tube socks full of ice tied around my face. As much as I’d love to show you photo evidence (read: NOT), I think this is a period in my life I’d prefer to leave undocumented. But, all this sitting has also afforded me some much needed time to think and the subject that’s been occupying my mind has taken the form of the age-old question: what do I want to be when I grow up?

I wish I could tell you that, after 3 days, I’ve had my “Eureka!” moment and have subsequently planned out the next 30 or so years of my life, but alas, these things are never like they appear in the movies. However, I did receive an excellent piece of advice from the lovely Jess Lively whose mission in life is to “design a life and business of intention” and help others to do the same. Our conversation (note: since it was over Twitter, shall I call it our “twittering” ?) went something like this:

-Megan: Jess, I love the idea of designing a life of intention, but how do I figure out what I want to do so that I can intend to do it? (I may be paraphrasing a bit here, but you get the idea)

-Jess: (this is a direct quote…it was too good to paraphrase) It all begins with the purpose equation- what you do really, really well + how you can serve others.Try starting from there!

Simple. Direct. Clear as a bell. Right you are Jess; there I shall begin. So…I have been pondering those 2 things: what do I do really, really well and how I can serve others, and came up with the idea of Operation: Dream Job. It may not exist, said “Dream Job”, but beginning an adamant search for it would be a great adventure, wouldn’t you agree? So I set out, not exactly sure where I’ll end up, but thrilled to at least begin in earnest…and I’d love some company, if you’re not too busy.

How Megan Got Her Groove Back

Or in which we discuss the importance of being yourself.

It’s been a big 6 months folks: full of big learning and big work and big dreams. Big, big, big. I found out that you never really stop the big learning and that the big work is never really done because you always find more that needs doing and that your big dreams will only get bigger if you’re brave enough to let them. And through all the big I suppose I discovered the little too. I found out that the little set backs teach you big lessons and that little tasks are you how you accomplish big goals, and that little voices can silence big dreams if you don’t say tell them what’s what.

Hmm. This is harder than I thought. How can one explain how one gets one’s groove back?

I sum it up in haiku form:

She sees the big world.

She sees her small piece of it.

She is ready now.

Get it? I thought so.